Great Position, Good HK Serviced Apartment - THE BAUHINIA Service Apartment Central

THE BAUHINIA Service Apartment Central is at MTR Sheung Wan Station. Reviewed as a good HK serviced apartment with all-round facilities & perfect location, we have 118 serviced suites designed for comfortable lifestyle.

Lodge in an extended stay apartment at affordable rate

A service apartment, which is also referred to as extended stay apartment is meant for short-term and long-term rentals. It comprises of basic amenities like room service, laundry room, fitness club and record room. Out of which there are quite a few that is well equipped with dryers, washers, Wi-Fi accessibility.

Service apartment central is used by organizations to greet professionals who have undertaken assignments. Even though service apartment rental is meant for corporate and executives, it can be even accessed by the public. People prefer good hk serviced apartment since it share similar features in the form of amenities to that of apartment hotels. A good hk serviced apartment provides ample space to move, level of convenience is high with optimum privacy.

A serviced apartment comes with a massive kitchen that comprises of a washing machine, dishwasher, and living rooms. The guests do have access to restaurants, concierge, conference halls etc. Serviced apartments are indeed an ideal pick for a budget conscious person. It eliminates all the hassles that involve transferring household items from one location to another. It offers impeccable services at a minimal rate.

In general, serviced apartments are designed exclusively for business travelers. The tenants need not worry about carrying cooking utensils and furnishings. Rent is inclusive of front office, parking and even housekeeping. Convenience and privacy with respect to service apartments is quite similar to that of a standard hotel. It is comparatively cheaper and ideal for long-term rentals.

Today, serviced apartments have emerged as a trendy spot to lodge in for both business as well as leisure travelers. They offer various kinds of services that match the needs and expectations of the guests. Service apartments have in store state-of-the-art facilities to lead a quality life.