THE BAUHINIA Luxury Serviced Apartments|Central, Hong Kong

With stunning harbour view and trendy design, our luxury serviced apartments in Central, consisting of 118 suites, can be reached by a 5-min walk from MTR Station, Airport Express Station and Macau Ferry Terminal.

We all crave for luxury and comfort wherever we go. Sometimes it will be a holiday or it will be a business trip. These days the trend of luxury service apartments is very much high and popular. They offer the finest of facilities. They are ideal for short, official and long stays. All apartments come with a wide range of luxury amenities and services including high-speed internet access, daily housekeeping and concierge services, as well as state-of-the-art facilities such as a fitness center, indoor infinity pool, outdoor barbecue, restaurant, executive club and meeting room. These kinds of apartments provide accommodations for people who are enjoying their vacations. People who move to a new place can opt for these kinds of apartments for short stays till they get a place to settle. It is a better option than taking a normal apartment for rent, because we have to just pay the rent and they take care of all the amenities. We should not worry about things such as cleaning, cooking and furnishing. But in the case of a normal apartment, we have to take care of everything. And if we compare the rents of both, the luxury serviced apartments are cheaper as we get all the services under one roof. They take care of everything.

This kind of idea is a great thing because we won’t get such a luxury and comfort stay anywhere. The service and hospitality are beyond our thinking because they provide us with the most super-luxurious comfort stay. Nowadays all the major cities and tourist spots in the world are providing serviced residences and apartments. We will get the feel of a private home with all the amenities. Enjoy and immerse in the beauty of staying in a luxurious space with wonderful hospitality services.