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Hong Kong Apartment for rent | Apartments in Hong Kong - The Bauhinia

The Bauhinia apartments in Hong Kong Island district provide conveniently located Hong Kong apartment for rent. Situated at Exit B, MTR Sheung Wan Station in Hong Kong; Apartment info please contact us at 2156 3000.

What to consider when looking for hong kong apartment for rent

Hong Kong is undoubtedly a popular business hub but it also presents a huge variety of apartments for rent. It means that by carefully looking into all the available options, you will be able to find the one matching well with your accommodation requirements. Below given are a few important tips that will help you in your endeavor:

-View from the apartment

Rental rates for hong kong apartments differ depending majorly on the location of the apartment. Hence, if the view from the apartment is good, then you may be required to pay a higher rent even if it is smaller than other available choices. Rent apartments in hong kong, there are chiefly two kinds of views – seaside view (S/V) and mountain view (M/V). Generally, apartments with an S/V charge higher rates than the ones with an M/V. Similarly, accommodations situated on top floors offer tranquility and that is why their rental rates may be more than the ones closer to the ground.

-Distance from downtown

You will find an accommodation cheaper if it is away from the center of the city, as a majority of residents prefer otherwise. It is also widely believed that far off residential areas are a bit unsafe. However, there is no such data, which supports this belief. Moreover, a property, which has been built for more than 15 years ago is considered old and thus may be offered at a lower rent.

-Rental contracts

After you have found an affordable apartment hong kong, you will need to sign a rental contract. The contract is generally for 2 years and includes a break clause, which comes into force after the completion of the first year. As per the clause, either the tenant or the landlord can break the contract giving the other party a notice period of 2 to 3 months.

As a tenant, if you break the contract in the second year then you will have to submit a written application to the landlord. In case, you wish to end it in the first year then you may be asked to pay the rent of the remaining contract period or of a few months. Clarify with your landlord the correct amount you will be required to pay in such a situation.

-Special clauses in the contract

When you have chosen a hong kong apartment for rent, you may be required to abide by special clauses decided by the landlord. It could include repair charges and other maintenance fees. Read the contract carefully for understanding these clauses. If possible, get the contract translated in English for leaving out any confusion.