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What are the benefits of staying in serviced apartments?

When you are traveling to Hong Kong, you have the option of staying in hotels or in a serviced apartment. As staying in a hotel becomes business like with a little or no feel of a homely environment, more and more people are opting for serviced apartments. These apartments are fully furnished and come with an attached kitchen and a bathroom. Truly, they feel like home. Other important benefits are as follows:

-Good amount of space

When you are holidaying with your family, especially with kids, you need to have space so that the kids could play around a bit. In a hotel room, you only get one room, which feels cramped up after a while. However, when you choose a service apartment, you get a minimum of two rooms. It means you could have your kids sleep in a separate room and enjoy complete privacy just as you do in your home.

-Cook for yourself or hire a cook

Hong Kong has a host of restaurants and eateries, where you could enjoy world-class cuisine. Nevertheless, in an apartment, you need not always step out to have meals. You could prepare food in the operational kitchen, which is equipped with a cooking range, fridge, microwave, blender, etc. The feeling is fabulous when on a vacation you buy vegetables from the local market and prepare food following your own recipes. This way of cooking also ensures that people allergic to certain foods are not exposed to them, which may happen if you went out to eat at a restaurant. In case, you do not wish to cook, you could hire a cook for the duration of your stay in Hong Kong.

-Save on accommodation

If you are travelling on a budget then service apartments are a better choice than hotels. Not only are the accommodation charges lower, you would also save on meal expenses. By cooking meals on your own, you could spend more on sightseeing. As for snacks, these apartments are mostly located near the local markets. Hence, unlike in hotels, you need not spend excessively when you are living in an apartment. Simply walk to the local confectionary and taste some of the best local snacks.

-Best when vacationing with friends/colleagues

Accommodation becomes a big problem when you are travelling with friends or colleagues. As each member of the group demands his personal space, the hotel charges may go out of budget. Nevertheless, when you choose an apartment, you could get several rooms at an affordable price.